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Mis Sold SIPPS

SIPP or self invested personal pension is the right of an employee that is eligible to avail, once they reach retirement. However, many people are advised to surrender such a benefit, which is very bad financial advice.

Mis sold SIPP pension
Have you been offered financial advice to surrender your SIPP pension? Rethink your decision and avoid falling for such bad advice. For those of you who have already done so, we can help you receive compensation.

Mis sold SIPP claims
Join hands with our professional team. We can help you get the right compensation for your mis sold SIPP claims. With adept experience in the field, we are thorough with the details and procedures that need to be followed to receive the desired claims.

Bad investment advice compensation
If you have fallen for a bad investment advice option, you can use our help to get out of it and receive compensation for the loss suffered by you.

Have you been duped by a financial advisor by availing a policy that did not suit your requirement? is a leading industry specialist who can help you in this case and get you compensation for your loss.

mis sold sipps

Mis Sold Sipps Claims

Mis-Sold Pension Claims Specialists

Bad investment advice compensation

  1. All you need to know about SIPPs?

Control and Flexibility are the two main benefits of SIPPs which are also known as Self Invested Personal Pensions. It works in a two way process between you and your pension provider. These are also available for group pensions and personal pensions, hence it is the best investment for many.

With a SIPP you can always borrow money to purchase many investments. For instance, it can raise a mortgage to purchase the property. Then the properties will be rented out, and the rental income can be used as the mode of mortgage repayments. Not all the SIPPs can make you invest for full range investments because these are working on contract-based rules and schemes.

Benefits of SIPPs

Larger investments

SIPP offers larger investment options with many pension schemes for investors. Here the investors can transfer all their funds from other pensions. The retirement savings can be invested in a fair process. You can’t deny the fact that some SIPP provides 25 per cent of pension savings which is taken as a tax-free sum. The SIPP can control all levels of income flexibly during the retirement period.


SIPP is portable and flexible. Contribution plays a vital part in SIPP; if you change your job or you have stopped working, you can, therefore, contribute some investment based on the scheme. Joining a new employer is fine, but you should inform the pension provider that your contributions are still in the continuation process, even if the old employer contributed to your pensions.

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Mis Sold Sipps

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